Saturday, November 29, 2008


Gordon Ramsay Voted Sexiest Celebrity Chef

Gordon Ramsay

Com, which conducted the research, said: We weren t surprised that Gordon came out on top. Although tabloid reports recently emerged claiming Ramsay was cheating on his wife for seven years, his alleged infidelity does not seem to have undermined its appeal among female fans. Gordon Ramsay was voted the nation Sexiest Celebrity chef. A spokesman for www. OnePoll. F Word host and chef richest in the world topped a poll of TVcooks voted in favor of more than 4000 women. The fact that claims to be cheating on his wife for years only adds to its appeal. Women are bad for kids all the time.


Motorola Plans To Stick With Beckham Beyond Soccer Playing Days

David Beckham

I dont worry about what HES going to do.. Motorola Inc. Plans to continue endorsing David Beckham after his long football career ends because of his celebrity transcends the sport, the company responsible for Global Marketing said. From Motorola point of view, semper Davids to have a high profile, Jeremy Dale, mobile managers Vice President of Global Marketing, said in an interview at the Soccerex conference in Johannesburg.


Thank You Senators Lieberman Graham And Mccain

Lindsey Graham Lieberman

The campaign McCain wasted valuable time trying to define and President-elect tag Obama as inexperienced in matters of security. McCain efforts could be better spent on the definition of a clear message for his campaign and putting his country from the first selection of a qualified vice presidential candidate. Lindsey Graham Lieberman want to thank Senators, and John McCain for their efforts which led to the historic election of President-elect Obama.


The Amazing Race 13 Marching In Moscow

The Amazing Race

Because once again, frat brothers Dan and Andrew DAndrew hours nicknamed messed up horribly because didn t properly read the clues. In any case, on the ninth lap of the race, the teams left Almaty, Kazakhstan, and flew to Moscow. Since the first flight was at 6:05 am, all four teams remaining at the end leaving on the same flight. Here are the producers hope to find The Amazing Race competing for the 14th installment of the series that can read the clues.


Paris Hilton Vs Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgen

They also had on shoes like, but Vanessa went with a simple and discreet necklace and Paris with an expensive diamond necklace.. There only one thing worse than wearing the same dress as another girl at a party: namely that after the two of you are compared to see who looked best. In this case, Vanessa Hudgen vs Paris Hilton, it came out Jenny Packham clothes in the Victoria Secret show.

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